PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Coronavirus situation, and abiding by the guidelines established by the CDC, we are suspending all group activities until further notice. We anticipate -- and hopefully will be able to resume scheduling events by June 15. 

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The Bike&Paddle Club is a social recreation Club for active adults over the age of 21. It is jointly promoted by  BIKE AND PADDLE and ALTERNATIVES MAGAZINES.  There are no membership fees, or other requirements to join.


With pollution being one of the biggest environmental hazards, and Climate Change a reality, the environment, health and fitness and encouraging people to take responsibility for their health through biking and paddling is one of the major underlying themes for the Club. The other . . . is having fun!


Social interaction and meeting others with like-minded interests is also a big part of the Club's promotion. It's a great way for people relocating to the area to connect and help find their way around. The Club promotes a weekly networking mixer in a casual non-competitive atmosphere. It's the time and place to inquire about the Club, meet new members hook up with existing members, and find out about upcoming events and other activities. There are no fees or other requirements to attend. Check the calendar for time and dates, and just show up!  Usually, a bike event is scheduled every Saturday and a paddle every Sunday, and a weekday coffee ride. But the best way to find out what's going on is to attend the weekly mixers.  



  • No membership fees

  • All ages (over 21) and abilities welcome, married or single

  • Free weekly email newsletters and quickE updates

  • Free weekly networking social mixers

  • Free weekly bike, paddle & hiking

  • Weekend trips

  • Website

  • Bike and paddle Scramble Races

  • Moonlight paddles

  • Product demo's, lessons, clinics, buy, rent gear assistance

  • Community involvement events


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