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OKAY, it's time to put down the cell phones, turn off the TV, drag yourself off the couch, get outside, meet new people and have some fun!


The BIKE&PADDLE CLUB is defined as "social recreational." The format provides the opportunity to meet new friends socially with like-minded interests, share new experiences, gain knowledge from one another, and cooperatively support environmental causes and health issues.


The Club is co-promoted year-round by Alternatives and Bike and Paddle Magazines, by organizing weekly events for all skill levels from beginner to expert -- so there's no excuses!  JOIN US!  PLUS it's FREE!


During the Summer months (May-October) we maintain a presence in the Flathead Valley of Montana and Park City, UT. During the Fall and Winter months, we head south to Lake Havasu, AZ, promoting additional events in nearby Kingman, Parker, Prescott and Sedona.


Members are kept informed via our free weekly email newsletter -- our most effective media source -- and host a weekly "Meet & Greet" networking mixer, which helps kick off the weekend activities.


We look forward to you joining us on the water, a bike trail, camping, hiking, traveling or wherever! Just fill out the contact form below to receive the newsletter. It's FREE, and you can unsubscribe at any time. For further information please call 406-871-6282.


Additionally. If you would be interested in volunteering as ride/paddle guide, or serving as a meet & greet host/hostess for special social functions, or have any special outdoor skills or experience, or would like to hear about our sponsorship opportunities, please call or email. We'd love to hear from you!


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Dennis Ketterman





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