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Join the Sustainable Living Movement

Park City's traffic problems aren't going away by continually building more infrastructure to accommodate cars. It only encourages more driving, more pollution, more congestion, more noise, stress and anxiety.

At some point, people need to take responsibility and change their behavior by trading out their cars for bikes and using public transport to its full capacity, and that goes for residents, visitors and employees.

There are many groups promoting recreational cycling: bike shops, local parks-and-recreation, and bike clubs, to name a few. There are relatively few voices for functional cycling.

CLIMATE CRISIS. We created the greenhouse gas emissions that helped produce climate change, now we can help "un-create" it simply by riding a bike. It's a legitimate climate solution. We are also the traffic we hate and complain about. Choosing a bike over a car just once a day reduces the average person's carbon emissions from transportation by 67%. According to the IPCC report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that appeared in 2018 in Forbes Magazine. Bicycling Could Help Save The Planet

BIKE SATURDAYS is not a race or any other form of competition. It’s promoted to encourage people of all ages and abilities to take responsibility for their own health and to provide information about the need to develop serious and safe biking infrastructure. There are estimated 14M families and individuals who own bikes, but rarely ride them because they are part of the majority who feel it’s unsafe to ride city streets. That has to change!

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PART I: The Saturday Ride

  • Not a race, or any form of competition
  • Held weekly 
  • The purpose is to familiarize trail systems, trail etiquette, and safety
  • The target audience are those who own bikes but rarely ride them and are part of the majority who feel it's unsafe to ride city streets.
  • Each ride is sponsored by a local business
  • No fees to sponsor the ride, or to participate
  • Sponsor own ride date can promote anyway desired

PART II: Bike, Walk, Bus to Work

Fewer than 4% of Americans walk or bike to work.

Here's how to change that.


  • Any day an employee bikes or walks to work (school) points are awarded

  • Points are converted to awards, prizes, and other incentives.​

  • Points are tabulated monthly​​

    • Bike 15 points (doubled during the winter months)

    • Walk 10 points (doubled during the winter months)

    • Public Transportation 5 points

  • Double points when participating in a BIKE SATURDAYS ride event

  • STRAVA to keep them honest.


PART III: Merchant Incentives

Encourages residents and visitors to travel by bike and to patronize local businesses. Participating businesses place a special BIKE SATURDAYS decal in their storefront which lets customers know they are participating in the program and are offering discounts."

  • No fees to participate

  • Decals provided

  • Discounts and other incentives at the discretion of the merchant 

If your business, club, organization or school would be interested in hosting a Saturday ride, please click the button for further information or call 406-871-6282. There are no financial obligations. Just benefits!

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