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What it Means to be Bike Friendly

More than 140 million Americans make biking part of their daily lives. Bicycling in the United States alone is a $6 billion a year industry and one study estimates that the spillover effects of recreational bicycling could be as large as $133 billion.


But that’s just the beginning, barely scratching the surface of the environmental and economic impact of transportation bicycling in communities across North America -- while saving billions of pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, countless lives and billions in mortality and health care costs every year

How you can be part of the SOLUTION!

Designate your business as being “Bicycle Friendly”


What it means to be  “BICYCLE FRIENDLY”

Be welcoming to bicycle travelers and let them know that you’re bicycle-friendly.

  • Post welcome signs, bicycle decals, or put up bicycle-related art.

  • Provide hospitality training for employees

  • Promote the bicycle amenities & services you offer through your website, social media, etc.

  • Designate a GREEN parking area for bicyclists

  • Place functional bicycle racks (inside green area) capable of locking multiple bikes

  • Provide tourism service information.

    • Maps of the town or area.

    • Nearby services, like restaurants, grocery stores, breweries, lodging and camping, bike shops and outdoor stores, post office, library, and laundromats.

    • Local tourism activities – outdoor recreation, nearby trails, attractions & events, etc.


In addition to the Bicycle Travel-Friendly Essentials, businesses can also offer these amenities for their customers that arrive by bicycle.

  • Bicycle parking that is preferably secure and protected from the weather.

    • Recommended bike parking racks.

    • Make sure the racks accommodate bicycles with loaded panniers.

  • Complimentary lock for bicyclists to borrow.

    • A coded lock is best so there’s no danger of losing keys.

  • Complimentary bicycle pump – a floor pump with a gauge is best.

  • Complimentary water for guests to fill water bottles.

  • Food fuel – offer high calorie, healthy packaged snacks for purchase.

    • Energy bars or gels, cheese/meat sticks, nut mixes, etc.


We Can Help!




Sponsorship Benefits & Rate

Special directory ad with a heading letting readers know you/your business supports safe biking and is BICYCLE FRIENDLY. Ad linked back to your website.  Ad will appear on website, blogsite, and social medias.


  • Business listing w/link bi-weekly Newsletter. Over 7500 contacts per month.

  • Provide your clients, customers, and guests information as to where they rent, purchase, or repair bikes.

  • Provide lists of bicycle tour operators in your area, clubs, and advocacy groups promoting safe cycling.

  • Sponsor a  BIKE SATURDAYS ride event

  • Set up employee Team Points competition


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Help Us, Help your business become Bike Friendly  


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