Why Partner with Us?


Cars are killing us. Some commuters spend over 108 hours per year sitting in traffic. 

Our waterways are becoming so toxic from algae, fish and other marine life are dying in the millions

Obesity and other sedentary lifestyle diseases could bring down our health system

By 2050 there could be more plastic in our oceans and landfills than fish

more than JUST a Magazine

This is the travel look for today's active Wellness enthusiasts

Movements to get people out of their cars and on their bikes is catching on across the country. See BIKE SATURDAYS.

For Starters

  • We promote over 24 events every year

  • Maintain a physical presence at other events

  • Editorially cover 10 major  events per year. 


Our Seasonal "Stomping Grounds"

  • Park City/Salt Lake City, UT

  • Whitefish/Flathead Valley, MT

  • Lake Havasu/Sedona/Prescott/Parker/Kingman, AZ


BIKE SATURDAYS is our Signature Event Series

  • Purpose: To encourage people to take responsibility for their own health through cycling and to bring awareness to the need for safe and serious biking infrastructure

  • One Less Car Promotion: Traffic congestion is the #1 source of stress, anger, and anxiety

  • See web page for more details


Bike Friendly Hotels

  • World wide over 120 hotels are bike-friendly. 

  • We work with hotels/motels to set up bike-friendly services

  • See web page for more details 


The Wellness Adventure  Club

  • Events and adventures for active adults

  • Over 2000 members nationally

  • Weekly networking mixers

  • Localized special events for members only

  • Active in promotion of local community events

  • See web page for more details


The variety of paddle sports today are allowing more people the opportunity to get on the water and do it more affordably than ever.

The best part about partnering with us is our rates


Per Month

AD SIZE: 300 x 300 Pixels

$330 six months (minimum)

$660 twelve months


  • Appears in home &  directory page

  • Appears in weekly email newsletter

  • Space for news release


Per Month

AD SIZE: 300 x 200 Pixels

$270 six months (minimum)

$540 twelve months


  • Appears in directory page

  • Appears in weekly email newsletters


Per Month

AD SIZE: 300 x 100 Pixels

$210 six months (minimum)

$420 twelve months


  • Appears in directory page

For further information please contact Dennis Ketterman 406-871-6282, or use the form below and we will contact you ASAP. Thank you!