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Responding to the growing demand from guests for bike-related activities and amenities, many hotels are now adopting bike-friendly policies. 

To be considered for the BIKE SATURDAYS listing of bike-friendly hotels, a list of possible amenities and nearby attractions is considered.


Amenities include a

  • Bike-friendly concierge

  • Bike maps

  • Fix-it or washing stations

  • Bike valet

  • The ability for guests to bring their bike in their room

  • Secure indoor and outdoor parking

  • Proximity to a bike share station

  • Proximity to a cycle track or bike trail

  • Pack lunches

  • An organized bike tour

There are now more than 120 bike-friendly hotels listed as Bike Friendly Hotels.  It's a clear indication that bicycles are becoming a sought-after part of city travel. “When you walk or bike, you are more likely to eat at a local restaurant, stop for coffee, visit a local bookstore, sit on a park bench, “These experiential memories will give you a taste of that city’s good life.”

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