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Each year 11 million metric tons of plastics flow into our ocean from land-based sources alone. These plastics put ocean life at risk. To date, nearly 1,300 different species have been documented with plastics in their bodies, including us humans. -- Ocean Conservancy

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Our actions as humans have led to a dire situation where we discharge a staggering 80% of the world's wastewater and plastics back into our environment, polluting our water sources. This problem is not just an environmental issue, but a health issue as well, with unsafe water causing more deaths than all other forms of violence combined. It is time for us to acknowledge our role in this problem and take urgent action to address it. We must work together to find sustainable solutions to prevent further harm to our planet and ourselves.

We must face the truth that recycling is not the solution to our plastic waste problem. It is merely a band-aid solution promoted by big oil and plastics manufacturers to keep producing single-use plastic. The only way to truly change the current flow of single-use plastic is to start at the source.

We need to reduce our plastic consumption and demand that companies take responsibility for their plastic waste. 
It's important to recognize that the responsibility of reducing plastic waste doesn't solely fall on individuals.

The plastics industry, particularly big oil companies, must also take responsibility for their contribution to the plastic waste crisis. However, it's clear that they won't simply quit making plastic as it is their main source of profit. 

That being said, we must continue to advocate for sustainable alternatives and hold these companies accountable for their actions. It's also important to note that plastic is essential in many industries, but it's the single-use plastic that's the real culprit. By choosing reusable options and supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability, we can collectively make a positive impact on our environment. 

Join us in our mission to reduce plastic waste by making a few simple changes in your daily routine. Bring a reusable water bottle with you, carry your own shopping bags, and say no to single-use plastic containers whenever possible. 


With all the chatter and pledges to reduce greenhouse gasses by some arbitrary time in the distant future, nothing changed. In 2024 they actually got worse.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions increased by 6%

  • Single-use plastics increased by over 30%

  • Big oil announced plans to increase plastic production by 40% in the coming decade.

  • 11 million tons of plastic was added to the ocean last year (2023). Up from 8 million

  • Preoccupation with social media increased from 3 hours per day to 6 hours.

Everything in this trash bin could have been recycled. Better yet, not used at all the landfill!

The Events

Our goal is to encourage everyone to become Part of the Solution by joining us in this important effort. We urge you to participate in Stand Up To Plastic Pollution and help make a difference for our environment, and have some fun along the way!

For further information or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities,

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