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Climate Change Hypocrisy

With all the chatter about ending fossil fuel and plastic and other messes created for our convenience and comfort in the name of climate change here's an interesting side joke.

There's a lot of hot air coming from the political/corporate sector and their affiliated media cronies about ending fossil fuel sometime before hell freezes over. To them climate change is simply a marketing tool.. They know how easy it is to "brainwash" us, with the aid of AI, artificial intelligence and all the other social media mind games. But here are a couple of news items that puts everything in perspective about what our leaders really think about the climate crisis. Pure hypocrisy at it's finest.

Climate Protesters March on New York, Calling for End to Fossil Fuels, September 17, 2023 READ >>

"Fossil fuel companies, the most profitable businesses in the world, received just over $7 trillion in subsidies last year. SUBSIDIES!!! A gift from governments all around the world. These are the same fellas who vow to end fossil fuel by 2050. Seven trillion!! That's a truckload of zero's $7,000,000,000 000." READ >>

Then just down the road apiece for most of us in Salt Lake City, the Utah Department of Transportation is planning to widen I-15. Estimated cost over $1.6 billion (realistically closer to 3 billion when the overrides and the dust settles). READ >>

I had to read the articles a couple times and check other sources to make sure I understood what I was reading. But (correct me if I'm wrong) weren't we supposed to be ending fossil fuel production and limit driving in favor of alternative transportation? Maybe somebody should send the guys in charge.

And they want us to buy electric cars! Can you imagine what $7 trillion and couple billion here and there could do for the lowly bike in terms of transportation, or maybe even solve the extreme plastic pollution, not too mention a wide variety of health issues. These are just a couple of news item I ran across while cruising the internet and a few local newspapers. Can't imagine what isn't uncovered.

BUT we allow it to happen by not getting involved, not doing research and continue to elect incompetent, self serving corporate politicians and buy products and support the very companies doing the most damage to the planet.

Riding a bike and walking occasionally are clearly the easiest activities individuals can do to help with the effects of climate change, but rarely get the attention they should. It's just way to simple, plus there is no money in prevention.


We NEED oil for a lot more applications than just for transportation. Same is true about plastics. We'll need them for a long time to come. Probably longer than anyone living today. But the "convenience and comfort" factor of the billions of tons of single use plastics that are clogging oceans, rivers, lakes and landfills are the items we can easily do without. Same holds true about driving. We simple don't need to drive EVERYWHERE! But when governments around the world are subsidizing big oil with trillions of dollars it's hard to wrap your head around the climate crises and do the right thing. It's harder yet to imagine that by riding a bike can save the planet. To the politicians and their bosses, "a bike is still just a TOY!"

We'll continue to do our small part. Would do you think? Your comments welcomed.


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