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Dennis Ketterman

  • live entertainment 

  • wellness adventures

  • party planning 

  • festivals

  • expos 

  • corporate retreats

  • fundraisers 

  • conferences 

  • conventions 

  • reunions 

  • trade shows 

  • sporting events 

  • fashion shows 

  • holiday themed events



We can assist in all phases of business marketing and management from publishing a company newspaper or magazine to t-shirt design, or setting up an email campaign.


  • Email marketing 

  • website design 

  • production and printing, newspapers, magazines, books

  • social media, 

  • graphic design, 

  • printing, 

  • photography

Summer Girls

Your Concierge at Large

Meetings and events are changing

Today, they look much different than they did only a few years ago. With so much change, your events need to stand out in a noisy marketplace and deliver the seamless and engaging experiences that attendees now expect.


With over 25 years of experience in promoting community events, conferences, business meetings, music concerts, festival, expos, and sporting events we can create an unforgettable experience for you, your guests or your clients.


We not only produce events but provide a full range of marketing services. We can customize any event, to suit your needs and budget. "WE ARE YOUR CONCIERGE AT LARGE."


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