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"We won't solve the climate crisis unless

we solve the misinformation crisis."


See The Power of Big Oil


What can I do?


Climate change seems like such an immense problem that it can feel like an impossible challenge to solve. But we can do it. And we must. And we will. But we need everyday people — the world’s beer lovers — to get loud and get mad. Because we are not going to solve the climate crisis unless we solve the misinformation crisis. See The Power of Big Oil

1) Talk about climate change. Most people don’t. And so it’s easy to feel like other people don’t care or don’t know. More talk leads to more education leads to more action.

2) Demand action from governments and corporations. Not just slogans. Real solution-based action. Because the solutions are already here. We need systemic — not individual — change.

3) Ask your local brewery what they’re doing to promote sustainability. Support those brewers that make it an integral part of their business. Demand that those who do not incorporate sustainability. It pays in the long run.

"Brew Tour" 

Bicycling Could Save the Planet

What? According to the Department of Transportation, if we all chose to walk or bike just half of our car trips of under a mile, we would save about $575 million in fuel costs and about 2 million metric tons of CO2 emissions per year. How simple is that? That’s like taking about 400,000 cars off the road each year.

Until recently we didn't know how important biking (and other human-powered activities) could be for the planet until an IPCC report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) appeared in 2018 in Forbes Magazine. Bicycling Could Save the Planet.

It's simple more people on bikes, less people in cars. Means less traffic, less pollution, less noise, less stress, less obesity, better health. Problem solved.  

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