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Dennis Ketterman


I've been an event manager and marketer for the past 35 years, promoting everything from drag racing to softball to chariot racing. However, as of late (the past 13 years), I have become interested in and writing about the environment, health, fitness, sustainability, and other stuff that really matters. The following is what keeps me off the streets, up at night, and pays the bills.



Alternatives Magazine


This is my day job. It's an internet-based magazine. I started it about 10 years ago about the time gas prices went crazy and energy became a very big buzzword and how it would affect every facet of our lives. It still does and now we have a new term called Climate Change. Here's the link if you want to find out more www.alternativesmag.com.



Bike and Paddle


Another internet-based magazine. I started it 6 years ago and is a spinoff of Alternatives. Why? Sustainability and Sustainable Travel is a big new trend today and biking and paddle sports are encouraged at many levels to help combat Climate Change and promote alternative transportation. You can access the website either by logging in with alternativesmag.com or bikeandpaddle.com. It takes you to the same place. I know -- it's kinda confusing. But they are pretty much one and the same.


Break Away, Live small, Do Stuff That Matters


This website evolved after reading and viewing so much about the chaos in people's lives simply because they are driven by accumulating "stuff." Or working at a job they hate, just for a paycheck. And then waking up one day finding themselves old, retired, and alone. The catchphrase for the site is: "Have You Ever Thought About Re-thinking Your Life." You can check it out here. www.breakawaylivesmall.com



This brings me to Bigfork Adventures


Why BFA? Because we cannot have too many adventures in our lives. BFA is about making connections and meeting like-minded people, getting out and getting away from the everyday B.S. that seems to dominate our waking hours. And what better place on the planet to unwind and enjoy the natural world than here in Bigfork and the Flathead Valley. Truly the "Last Best Place."


PERSONAL (this is optional),

  • Outdoors writer, event promoter, and marketer (36 years).

  • Montana native

  • Born and raised in Plentywood, MT (NE corner of the state)

  • Live in Bigfork/Whitefish summer. Lake Havasu/Sedona, AZ winter

  • Single

  • No kids

  • Outdoor interests: Travel, photography. mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, XC skiing.

  • Turnoffs: TV news, TV pundits, TV in general.