Much Talk About PC Traffic, Cars and Gondolas


Personally I like the gondola idea. It might cost a few bills, but hey, it's Park City. What I like even better is a High Speed Elevated Tram Train.

It would be based in Salt Lake. People simply hop on, go straight up the mountain for a 30 mile trip. It might even be more fun than skiing.


Starbucks could own one of the tram cars, Nike, Budweiser, -- all the fun guys -- serving up their brands, complete with WIFI. Passengers could make reservations, or just kick back and watch one of several TV's lining each car, or just kick back and text your friend sitting next to you. There are endless marketing possibilities.


The tram would drop passengers off at the Kimball Junction Transit Center (library) board a bus and off you go, or climb in a waiting shuttle to take you to your room -- or better yet, have the tram depot at the top of Jupiter!!


Since most of the traffic coming to Park City is from Salt Lake, it kinda makes sense. The best thing -- no non-resident cars allowed in town. There's no need for them.


Aaahh yes, nothing like an idle mind.


The problem with any mass transit idea is that you still have to drive to a loading dock. Which is way better than the current system. The answer to completely eliminate driving, parking and traffic is probably sitting in your garage.

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