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The first Bike & Paddle Scramble race was held, November 30. Pictured above is part of the gang. The best overall time was 43 minutes and 33 seconds, by team Craig Raney and Greg Jones.

Bike and Paddle Scramble

Community Friendly, Just for Fun

For Bike and Paddle Safety Awareness

"Test Events" December 14, and December 28


  • Entry is Free. General public welcome

  • Compete solo, or two person team. One paddle, the other bike

  • All participants must sign waiver. Under 18 guardian sign waiver

  • Paddlers must wear an approved life-vest or belt 

  • Cyclists must wear approved helmet

  • Highly recommended for bikes: flashing red rear tail light and flashing white light front. (will become mandatory 2020)

COURSE: Timed event

Nautical Resort

  • Start line on Nautical bay area beach

  • Group photo

  • Scramble (LeMans) start. Run to kayak, put on life-vest, gear up, shove off.

  • Course is approximately half mile out, touch marker (Rotary Park beach) paddle back to start line. One mile total.

  • Run to bike transition area

  • Tag teammate (if team), gear up again, ride to Island path, aka Beachcomber/McCulloch Blvd.

  • Ride counter clockwise two laps, approximately 8 miles round trip, back to finish line.

  • Overall time, solo or team determines placement

AWARDS (begins 2020)

All awards will be in the form of gift cards donated by local businesses. Other awards from the bike and paddle industry will also be available and will vary with each race.


  • First place: $25 per team or solo

  • Second place: $20

  • Third place: $15

POINTS SYSTEM (begins 2020)

  • Registration: 10 points

  • First place: 10 points

  • Second: 8 points

  • Third place: 6 points




  • Team overall

  • Solo overall

  • Female - Male (solo only)

  • Age divisions

Final details are still be worked out as to how the classes will be determined

Working Out the Bugs

The purpose of a test event is to help work out the bugs and receive feedback from the participants, fine tune the format and safety guidelines before actual events are scheduled.


Currently it's basically a "Run What You Brung" format. Carbon fiber ocean racing kayaks to Walmart specials, SUPs, canoes. Mountain bikes, road bikes, recumbents, even electric bikes. All ages. All safety guidelines will prevail. Here's the basic competition format.


  • Classes or divisions based on the average age of participants

  • Kayak classes based on length, type construction, etc.

  • SUPS no restrictions

  • Canoes, single or two passengers

  • Road, mountain bikes, ebikes??


These are just a few of the defining class formats. We will be sorting them out as we go along, but REMEMBER they are promoted "Just for Fun," so fewer rules the better. Obviously we won't compromise safety.