Primal Mountain Bike Racing Series


What is Primal racing? Simply put.  No frills, spandex not required. 


For example a race course could be set up anywhere, out in nowhere. Bike and Paddle Club has designed a mountain bike race series unlike no other. It has everything in a mountain bike race -- except hills. Not a hill in sight. It’s all flatland. located on the abandoned Lake Havasu runway in the middle of the Island in Lake Havasu, AZ.


If there are no hills, what does it have that makes it, “unlike no other?” Of course, it has singletracks, some double track, gravel roads, tight turns, sweeping switchbacks, long straight-aways, sand traps, bushes that bite and scratch (it’s a desert thing). But the most fun feature of all -- it has moguls. Yes, moguls, or mounds, that will test your technical skills. But no hills! The scourge of anybody who rides a bike. “I won’t ride if there are hills.” NO HILLS. Promise.


After that description, I’m sure you can’t wait to register. The course was actually designed with the entry-level, or novice/plus mountain bike rider in mind. BUT connect all the parts, it will test even the most advanced rider. WITHOUT HILLS! Damn them hills. 


Beginner/intermediate course will obviously be somewhat different than the advanced course.   


Saturday, February 29, will be the first test race. Time trials, to full course race, including a moguls “bump and grind,” competition.  


Here’s some more stuff it doesn’t have. No entry fees, no sponsor booths, no vendors or free stuff, no water stations especially plastic water bottles, no food, and no bow-wows. You pack it in, pack it out. 


Yes to helmets, and any other safety gear you can wear, sign the waiver of liability and your in. Show up at 10:00 AM, ready to ride at 10:15. 


Did I mention there are no HILLS? 

It’s on a runway Forest!


Ride on,

Dennis Ketterman