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We Have Choices and Options

In light of the current political landscape and the questionable qualifications of the candidates running for office has become both a comedy, and a tragedy. It is crucial to remember that we are NOT BOUND to choose between the traditional Democrat and Republican parties. 

The current political system has become stagnant, outdated and only serves the interests of big corporations, the super wealthy and their foreign partners. It is time to seriously think outside the box and explore alternative options. One compelling choice is the Green Party, the “anti-party-party, which advocates for a genuine grassroots democracy and prioritizes sustainability and issues that truly impact our society. 

Jill Stein, the party's presidential candidate, has 25 years of experience as a physician and is a graduate of Harvard Medical School. The party provides a capable leader who can express coherent ideas, which would be a significant improvement in itself!

Stein has described our current options as a contrast between a "mafia predator and a frail elder who is evidently experiencing cognitive challenges that are not new." "The system lacks intelligence, rational thinking, and memory."

By welcoming change and exploring fresh opportunities with the Green Party, you could set the stage for a brighter future. Begin by tuning out the noise from TV pundits, news outlets, and other unreliable sources of information. Clear your mind, expand your perspectives, and take a look at the Green Party Platform and Jill Stein. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that it aligns with your existing beliefs. Unless, of course, you support the MAGA bullshit.

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