Somebody's Lying

Updated: Apr 21

We hear a lot about Climate Change these days, now that the pandemic is becoming old news. It used to be called Global Warming, and now, we’re calling it a Climate Crisis. Whatever it’s called, we are told by environmentalists, scientists and other geological research institutions that it’s a serious problem.

However, the guys down the (wall) street selling us cheap fuel and four wheeled beasts say it’s all a hoax and to motor on! We look up, and sure enough the sky is blue, the snow is white, the water (in my disposable plastic bottle) is clean and I’ve just been vaccinated. Twice. Life is good. So what’s the problem?

It’s simple. SOMEBODY’S LYING!

Most of us can’t quite wrap our heads around Climate Change. It’s just too massive to think one person can make a difference. Or that it’s a conspiracy and one group, or the other, is just out to make a buck.

George Carlin said, “Careful, if you think too much, they’ll take you away.”

Herein lies the problem. We live and make decisions based on the opinions of others. The so-called “fair and balanced’ TV news media, still a primary source of news for many Americans, devoted less than 50 minutes last year to climate change coverage, nearly one-third less than in 2015, according to a recent study.

Social media comments, usually written by climate denying corporate lobbyists and other time sucking corporate sources whose only interest is to encourage consumption without regard is fueling an ecological disaster. It doesn’t matter if their message is truthful or not. What does matter is what’s in the till.

What I have learned based on my research, Climate Change is real. Coastlines that were there just a few years ago are gone. Complete islands have disappeared. I asked a group of friends, about 10, during a little social gathering, “have any of you heard of the Thwaites glacier?” Not one of them knew or ever heard of it. And furthermore most of them didn’t care.

Antarctica’s Thwaites glacier the so-called 'doomsday glacier' also known as the riskiest glacier on earth, is about the size of Britain, and could trigger 10 feet of sea-level rise if it melts. What the satellites are showing us is a glacier coming apart at the seams.

Antarctica’s Thwaites glacier the so-called 'doomsday glacier' also known as the riskiest glacier on earth,

So how did I arrive at my opinion? How do I know if it’s true? First, I turned off the TV, actually I ditched my TV six years ago. I still have my social media accounts, which are on thin ice. They may be joining my TV soon. Anyway, I did my research, which wasn’t a stretch at all to do. I saw the photos, read the articles, viewed the videos, weighed in on both sides and then I fact checked.

Our actions can have far-reaching consequences. If we want to play a part in tomorrow’s world, and learn what’s really important, we need to engage in research, get involved in debates, say what we know, and think of what we say.

But if we continue to live off of the opinions of others, without doing our own research, then we’re doomed. Today's news isn’t there to educate us. It’s not their job. Their job is to cover and feature sensational news that sells their advertisers products. Fair, honest and balanced is just a slogan. A CEO of a large pharmaceutical company once said during a TV interview, “that it’s not his job to make people well, his job is to satisfy the investors.” He’s right.

They will continue fearmongering to promote their agenda no matter how far down the rabbit hole it takes them. Especially when they know the vast majority of their readers and customers do not take the time to do any simple research and are loyal to their pitch.

Climate Change to them is just another business opportunity to exploit. Be damned if it’s hoax or not, or should they actually provide information or steps we can take to help offset a melting glacier referred to as ‘doomsday’. That’s not their job and if it affects their bottom line, it’s certainly not in their best interest to do the right thing -- one way or another. That’s our job.

Happy Earth Day. Enjoy it while we can, because there’s a little less of it everyday.

Dennis ketterman

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