Illusion of choice

Updated: May 20

Separating factual news statements from opinions

If you get your news and political persuasion from TV news, or TV in general, you are clearly misinformed. It takes no effort to fall into a recliner, grab a beer, the remote, and let the corporate pundits play with your brain for a couple of hours every day.

Nothing is easier than feeding off the opinions of others rather than taking the time to do the research and come up with your own. The media cranks know this and through AI and other forms of tracking, they know the intelligence level and buying habits of their audience and keep feeding them their bullshit.

Their only interest is their bottom line. And that line is huge. Advertising is the biggest business in the world. So to keep you riveted and the bucks rolling in, their content has to be blockbuster type stuff. Accurate? Not so much. Truthful? Doesn't matter.

Six Corporations or 15 billionaires own America's news media companies and control 90% of the media in America. By contrast in 1983, 90% of the American media was owned by 50 companies. But the fact that a few companies own everything demonstrates "the illusion of choice.” They control what you watch and conversely how you think.

Today, algorithms know who we are, what we do, what we think, and how we feel—possibly even better than our friends and family or even ourselves. Often the recommendations we are offered fit so well that the resulting decisions feel as if they were our own, even though they are actually not our decisions. In fact, we are being remotely controlled ever more successfully in this manner. The more is known about us, the less likely our choices are to be free and not predetermined by others, and their opinions.

Horror stories, AKA news, is what sells Cokes, Big Macs, Twinkies, cars, gadgets and a truckload of other shit we don't need. Human suffering, chaos, corruption, natural disasters, and political trainwrecks are what sells -- always has.

The news media has fallen all over themselves covering disasters as they pass it off as news. And it doesn’t matter if it’s FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS or NBC. They're all in it together. Politicians and other corrupt wannabes are there for the ride. It’s a money scam to end all scams.

The last election cost roughly $6.5 billion with the lion’s share going to the major media outlets -- and that's peanuts compared to what's generated every day because of the current political fiasco. They know we tune in to watch the next trainwreck and the media is wringing their sweaty little hands. Their only job is to keep feeding the frenzy.

The only downside and what the media fears the most is that they will do such a good job that some, might actually get fed up, click off the TV, and start thinking for themselves, do their own research, and actually form THEIR OWN OPINION.

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