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Prepared and organized by Greg Jones. Questions? 208-751-1556

FEBRUARY 5: All slots are filled.

Anyone showing up will be turned away

On Saturday evening, February the 8th, the Bike and Paddle Club of Lake Havasu City will non-tactically infiltrate the Colorado river at the Topock boat launch and conduct a moonlight paddle through Topock Gorge to the extraction point at Windsor Beach, Lake Havasu City.


Weather for Saturday evening: 

  • High of 75 F, low of 52 F

  • Mostly Clear Skies

  • Winds SSE at 7 MPH

  • Sunset 5:13 PM, Moonrise 4:41 PM 

  • It will be dark and wet (cold).

  • Dress appropriately for the conditions.

  • Weather data is subject to change.

  • We will be paddling into a headwind. 


  • From the put in to just outside of Lake Havasu, we will be in a gorge. 

  • This will hinder land rescue if a situation arises.

  • Cell reception will also be spotty hindering attempts to call for rescue.

  • Being on the water at night in cooler temperatures presents certain problems. 

  • Dress appropriately and bring spare warm dry clothing 

Emergency Services: 

  • In the event of a situation, we will evaluate the need to call for help or conduct a self-rescue.

  • Cell reception will be a concern when making any decision. In the event, we do need to call for help, call 911 and use your phone's GPS to give coordinates of our location.

  • Self-rescue would be the preferred course of action due to the terrain. 


  • On February 8th all paddlers will meet at Havasu Bike and Fitness, 151 Swanson Ave., NLT (No Later Than) 1700 hrs (5 pm) in order to load kayaks and gear onto trailers. Craig and Alana have trailers.

  • Depart Havasu Bike and Fitness preferably as soon as we can after loading is complete. Mike Ness will help shuttle people.

  • Transport all necessary vehicles to the take out, Windsor Beach. 

  • Windsor Beach was chosen due to safety for vehicles and is lit at night for the extraction. 

  • Windsor Beach will cost money if you do not have a park pass.

  • Depart Windsor Beach transporting all kayaks, equipment, and personnel to the put-in at the Topock boat ramp. Approximately a thirty-minute drive.

  • Upon arrival at the put in, we will unload all Kayaks and prepare for departure. 

  • It is best to do this with some daylight. Headlamps would be helpful outfitting the kayaks in the dark.

  • Kayaks will be rigged with one light towards the rear for safety reasons, this is not an option.

  • Paddlers will wear PFDs with one light attached to the back for safety reasons, this is not an option. 

  • Lights should be somewhat dim so it doesn't impact night vision. 

  • Light Sticks might be a good option.

  • We would like to be on the water NLT or prior to 1800hrs (6 pm).

  • Once everyone has launched we will paddle into the Colorado River and proceed down the river. 

  • While paddling please be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on everyone.

  • Try not to let the group get too spread out.

  • A majority of the distance we will be covering will be in a gorge. Self-rescue would be the preferred method of extraction unless the situation dictates otherwise.

  • This is going to be a long paddle, we will attempt to stop often to get out and stretch. Craig will bring a jet boil stove and Alana will bring Hot Cocoa. Bring a cup.

  • If you have a stove bring it, it will make the process faster.

  • The paddle time will be approximately 5 and a half hours. This is a no joke paddle, once you enter the water there is no out till Lake Havasu.

  • Arrival at the take out. Get all paddlers out of the water and equipment stowed. 


Personal equipment: Should be considered mandatory. 

  • Headlamp / spare batteries

  • Boat light / spare batteries

  • PFD 

  • Paddle 

  • Kayak 

  • Dry bags 

  • Spare clothing

  • Cell phone

  • Sponge

  • Food

  • Water

  • Light Sticks

  • Cup for Cocoa 


Shared equipment:

  • First aid kit

  • Water purification

  • Bilge pump 

  • Paddle float 


Contact information:

  • Please ensure that everyone in the group has your cell phone number programmed in their phones. 

  • In the event of cloud cover and or in-climate weather the trip will be canceled and possibly attempted on Sunday morning (like really early). 

  • If it's just that bad maybe paddle around the island Sunday evening. 

  • We should have 99 illumination, depending on cloud cover.

  • The full moon is the fourth-largest moon for this year. 

  • We are not a guide service, just a few people that want to paddle for the full moon.

  • Know what you are getting into. 

  • This is a fluid operation, you should be ready to adapt to what the situation dictates.

Thanks, Greg