Black Photo Collage Human Rights Poster

Algae bloom is showing up in 48 states. Killing wildlife, fish and pets swimming in the sludge.


Nearly everything in this trash can could have been recycled.


Oceans have become an international dumping ground for plastic.

We have to fix our disposable culture

"Recycling is a fraud, a sham, a scam perpetrated by big business on the citizens and municipalities of America."

                           Leyla Acaroglu

"The undeniable issue is that we have created a disposable culture, and no amount of recycling will fix it. We need to remedy this illness at the root cause: producer-enforced disposability and the rapid increase of a throwaway culture being normal." -- Tree Hugger

We can no longer sit back and wait for, or trust our elected officials, and their corporate sponsors, to do the right thing when it comes to the environment.


This administration has rolled back, or eliminated nearly every significant environmental regulation, made climate change a non-factor, and rewrote the Endangered Species Act, which will clear the way for more resource extraction and land development.


It has also re-authorized the use of controversial poison traps known as "cyanide bombs" to kill wild foxes, coyotes and feral dogs despite overwhelming opposition from environment, wildlife conservation groups and mothers everywhere.

[HOWEVER, on 8/15/2019 the EPA Backed off After Deluge Of Complaints. Public opinion and involvement WORKS. BUT, it's still on their Things to Do list.]

All outdoor enthusiasts, sports equipment manufacturers, distributors, retailers, vendors, motels, resorts, breweries, ALL OF US, have a stake in the environment.


Once people become informed as to what businesses are doing to support the environment they take notice and it becomes contagious.

B&P Magazine and Alternatives Magazine is developing an industry wide PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM to let your clients, and customers know you support a healthy and sustainable environment.


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